Crowd Funding Purchase of an Entire Town


Hey guys,
Ty George here, for those of you unfamiliar with my work, I’m the founder of Cryptocracy and am currently the lead developer for Souq, a Blockstack powered decentralized project tagging and funding application.
The ambition of the app is to form a decentralized method of social organization that is not subject to the same bureaucratic nonsense we are currently plagued with in today’s top down political landscape.
I believe the app and an accelerated adoption could be facilitated if it were to be given the right opportunity to prove its functionality. The opportunity for such an example seems to have presented itself literally a short drive (25 miles) from where I sit currently.
So with that being said I’m trying to form a board of directors (and thus a multi sig wallet) for the sole purpose of purchasing the entire town of Tiller Oregon, the town is currently unincorporated and surrounded by a lot of natural resources.
It is my belief that if this town were purchased and Souq was utilized to coordinate the development of the respective subdivisions, we could prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that decentralization can and will work for establishing a fair, prosperous, and functional community for others to replicate.
Please take a look at for additional details.
Sorry if this is kind of off topic, I just felt really compelled to share this with everyone.


Ty, this is very neat. A cool component of this is that you’d easily be able to use your blockstack-powered Souq app to crowdfund things like potholes and even education. I’d highly recommend posting to some liberty-loving forums as you may generate more interest from folks willing to relocate there.

In the meantime, we will be here to help you roll out Souq to the general population! See you in :slight_smile:


So Galts Gulch? Nice


Looks like a private buyer might already be snagging this :frowning:
potential missed opp imo, or perhaps they are like minded :smiley:
I’ll keep folks posted as i learn more about the potential buyers


Ha, interesting! Folks at Prodigy (another app thinking of building on Blockstack) might find this interesting as well.


So here is the latest:

Tiller the unincorporated town itself is still being brokered but is looking like a private buyer is going to buy.

However I have also learned that there additional property of about 25 acres just up the road from the main strip of the town that is being sold for about 1m.

There is already a lodge and restaurant with a bar on the property and is in many ways a better deal then the original discovery.

I’ll keep you posted but currently I’m discussing this as a possible alternative for setting up a liberty enclave (assuming it garners enough interest from the online liberty community and can get funded)

This could still be a huge opportunity for establishing a proving ground for Souq :smiley:


Good afternoon, I found your initiative very interesting. Can I put some sauce on your plate? And if you transform it is an ICO, with white paper, sale of tokens and everything else? Even tokens could be used by the community. A big hug.:city_sunrise:


Hey Navas,

This is still in early stages, I’m primarily focused on finishing the Souq app first.
As far as ICO goes, I have thought about that, but not sure to be honest. I’ll have to give all this more thought once Souq is done.


Hey there. I didn’t know about SOUQ when writing Self-repairing streets using smart contracts. but I believe that SOUQ combined with our Street Quality Identification aka SQUID would be a perfect combination to ensure that Tiller, OR is amongst the first municipality to have a decentralized system of street maintenance.

Curious to your reactions and happy to talk more


Varun (@vr00n)


Hey vr00n,
First off, Squid looks like some pretty sweet technology!
& Wow these would be epic to combine.
We should most definitely talk in greater detail about this.
Hit me up in the Blockstack slack if you are in there.
If not reply here and let’s discuss it.



Many thanks Ty.

SQUID is an endeavor of ARGO (Advanced Research in Government Operations), a non-profit that builds, operates and maintains pioneering data infrastructure to transform how water reliability, street quality, and other basic public services are delivered.

We’re essentially a bunch of data people who have been demonstrating how open source tech can be used to empower local governments do more with less and just manage public resources and capital, more equitably and efficiently.

Admittedly, we are not crypto people and have only recently started grokking this space. We have worked with a few local govs in the past and know that many municipalities get routinely fleeced around basic data/analytics work around basic service delivery. It is a space plagued by bespoke consultants charging ridiculous rates for doing excel work to Megacorp Inc. who promise shiny visions of the future only to deliver an apparatus of mass surveillance or vaporware leaving the public at-large to foot the bill.

A self-regulating street maintenance “paves the way” (sorry, had to :wink: ) towards a more proactive way of envisioning city operations.

I recently moved from NYC to Boulder, Colorado and getting ready to digitally survey the 90+ miles of bike lanes here with an intention to designate every bike lane segment with a wallet address and get people to support (and fund) a citywide, self-regulating bike lane infrastructure.

Creating a gh-repo for this. I’d love to figure out ways where SQUID and SOUQ could work in tandem to manifest this or open to other ideas here.


This sounds like the most logical place of overlap between SQUID and SOUQ.

Currently SOUQ is setup to facilitate multiple categories of Projects, and by default all of them are currently only setup to capture a single lat and long coordinate and associate it within a given Project.
The Projects details are stored as json, on-chain, relative to its unique name (blockstack name) as a txt record in its underlying zonefile.

However it would be relatively easy to include more then one set of coordinates prior to writing them on-chain, basically just serialize an array of coordinates and including that instead of just the single set of coordinates in a given Project zonefile.

The Projects also contain other relative meta data about a given Project including a crypto wallet address, to receive funds for that particular objective.

If we make sure the integration follows the same object modeling before writing to the chain we should be able to ensure interoperability between all native and 3rd party clients that will parse the chain to find and fund various listings.

We should schedule some sort of video conference sometime soon, combining our tech is potentially HUGE for establishing a voluntary, proactive, fully transparent, system. One that can facilitate high quality and low cost road maintenance.

Get back at me!


Is a good email to get back at you?


Yes this is a good email, however be aware I’m actually migrating my email server actually right now so you might be getting some bounce backs for the next couple hours.


Have you considered other locations for acquiring real estate? I have been investigating acquiring an entire Caribbean island in a similar manner and there are other efforts looking at Puerto Rico. The costs may be higher, but jurisdictional issues are likely to be easier, not to mention a pleasant climate (most of the time) and a favorable tax regulation.


Hey their @pjking … Not particularly at this time, currently my main focus at the moment is getting Souq to production ready, then endeavors like this will be more feasible :slight_smile: