Creating your own token on Blockstack. Possible?


I’m super excited the innovation that can be unleashed by users owning their data – and the possibility to create new products using that open data (with the permission of the user).

However, having the data open to everyone closes the door on monetizing it (obviously). The result of this is that many open-data projects failed before due to not having enough resources to build and promote their work (e.g. Diaspora).

Also the fact that anyone can just clone your app and have all your data available to them makes investing in the development of such apps and ecosystems very risky.

My question is: once Stack tokens are released - will there be a possibility to release tokens on top Blockstack virtualchain and use them to fund the development of your app? If yes, how will this work technically?

Btw. I found this promising line in the FAQ which might relate to what I’m asking:
Blockstack does not implement a smart contract system (yet), but it will soon implement a native token that will be accessible to Blockstack applications.