Comparing Elastos and Blockstack


Hello guys.
Please help me understand how different/similar are Elastos and Blockstack.


In things like this I tend to point to reading the whitepapers of the respective products. I know Blockstack’s is fairly short, though Elasto’s is quite long it the introduction is a good place to start.

The core of Blockstack’s aims is to decentralize authentication and data-handling in a decentralized manner. Authentication and Identity is rooted to the blockchain, data-handling is done via decentralized nodes.

Elastos seems to be more focused on digital rights management and owning items. You run an app and it fetches the data you have access to via an IPFS backend. Think of this as an internet of Data instead of an internet of Websites.

They are quite different and from what I can tell would not play well with each other. Blockstack is more of an augmentation or an extension of the current internet; Elastos is a complete replacement.


@MichaelFedora, Thank you for your input.