Community Meeting (ASIA) + Community Recap - 2.13.2020


Here’s a recap of our bi-weekly community meeting (ASIA) for February 13, 2020

Yesterday, we asked our evangelists in Asia for their inputs on our Community Goals for 2020, we also went through the most recent updates one by one.

Our Community is breaking into various clusters:

:hammer:PoX Working Group

  • We, the community can help in improving the documentation of the recent SIP-007 proposal for the community initiated hardfork network upgrade that will happen in Q2.

  • If you’re interested in mining, stacking, economic models or distributed algorithms feel free to contribute in the #Proof-of-transfer working group in discord.

  • Second, we will have a townhall session today dedicated to #Stacking with Muneeb. This session is a deep dive about PoX + Stacking. Let’s formulate the questions, write up answers and improve SIP-007 documentation.

  • Contact @jrmith /me about this working group

:balance_scale:Governance Working Group

  • PBC is carrying out the plan that was laid out two years ago, the path to decentralization. As Brittany said in the forum post, a critical piece of Blockstack’s future is “Governance”. That’s why she is working on behalf of PBC with Lane Rettig, an independent researcher plus our community to deliver a Blockstack governance proposal.

  • Stacks foundation → will be a permanent home for Blockstack Governance, this entity will serve as neutral ground for all stakeholders in our ecosystem to reach a consensus moving forward.

  • 1st Governance call happened yesterday. They will post the recordings + slide later.

  • Contact @blocks8 / Lane to join the #governance working group in discord

:briefcase:Business Working Group

  • As App Mining will be paused for several months which may last till early May or Later. Blockstack applications must focused on generating value / revenue. Thus, the reason for the creation of this working group. We need to understand the economic value being exchanged between users in order to open up new business opportunities.

  • Contact me/jenny to join this working group.

  • If you’re a developer, please contact @xan and join the Smart Contract Development thread where he suggested an initial set of possible Clarity templates. Our goal as a community is to have an initial set of Clarity Smart Contract w/ documentation. PBC may offer bounties and rewards for this.

:medal_sports: Community Wins

See you all in the next community meeting! :wave:


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