Community Goals for 2020


These are goals and outcomes that the community suggested during our last open meeting. Stackers, let’s make this happen!

:star: Proposed goals before EOY:

  • Promote open source culture within Blockstack community
    • Use more GitHub labels
    • More contribution in Blockstack’s repository
  • @friedger Convinced 3 existing open-source apps to integrate Blockstack Auth
  • @dant suggested to partner with more open source projects like:
  • Introducing DApps to end-users: Addressing communities of potential users
    • Human centered approach topics (Identity, Privacy + Security, Data Dignity, etc.)
    • A privacy story that people care about in the western world
  • Blockstack community is currently in 51 countries! Shall we expand it to 75 before EOY?
  • Shift community resources to using Blockstack apps
Community Meeting (ASIA) + Community Recap - 2.13.2020

Another thought is, use (or other?) Blockstack dapp instead of Medium or other web-app for writing/blogging articles about Blockstack. Except, if you do this then are you missing out hits from Medium viewers?

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100% agree on shifting to Blockstack and open source resources. It’s also important to keep in mind the mission relevant to privacy and digital rights in every thing we do. In other words, if we believe in #CantBeEvil we need to align our message or events, etc with that mission. I don’t think that is easy but it is something to keep in mind - acting with integrity to the mission.

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Agreed with the usage of more Blockstack apps when collaborating between community and Blockstack PBC members.

@livpayawal @JulietOberding


Of course, I lean towards using Sigle but others are more than welcome to republish their blogs in Medium. I’m putting this in our goal @fluidvoice Do you have anything else in mind? Maybe also enriching the community wiki -> More contributors?

@JulietOberding Yes, I’m all for accelerating our mission of "Can’t be Evil’ in every community outlet that we have and the first step towards it is to use our own apps. any more tangible values that you can think of? :slight_smile:

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This would be a nice feature, if Sigle integrated a way to easily republish. Like a “publish to” button with the options of Medium and/or others. And the post could include a “Created by Sigle” link-back as a way to spread Sigle and Blockstack/dapp awareness. I will suggest this as a feature for Sigle.

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I’m tagging @leopradel on this one :slight_smile: Can we this to the community wishlist feature for Sigle.

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That’s a great idea actually! Will see if it’s possible to do that with the medium API. Mind opening an issue on Github for it please :pray:?

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