Close/Uninstall Issues Mac


I’m trying to uninstall the Blockstack app as I only needed it to close an account elsewhere, but I get an error telling me the app is still open. I have no idea how to close it. I closed Chrome with no luck. How do I close Blockstack so I can uninstall it?


For me at least, and the Devs can interject if I’m wrong, but you should see the Blockstack logo up on the status bar near your clock. Clicking on that should open a menu where you can then choose “Quit Blockstack”. Then you should be able to uninstall it.

That should work, but if it doesn’t let me know as there’s other ways to quit the program if that isn’t working. But like I said, that should work!


Heh. Thanks! Yeh…just found it. I had my computer set to night mode and couldn’t see the icon. Need better glasses. :slight_smile:


Also @PaisleySunshine uninstall instructions: