Can't Recover Blockstack ID


Hello, I created a Blockstack ID ( in the previous browser format and unfortunately I don’t have the recovery code necessary to retrieve it in the new version but I do recall the password I used to sign up. Also, my Blockstack ID is also linked to my Github and Hacker News accounts. Any way I can recover this?


Do you have access to the email account that you used when you signed up? If so, there should be an email there with your recovery code.


Yes, I have access to the email account but cannot find any email from Blockstack. I also don’t recall receiving an email (I believe I initially signed up back in late 2017).


Hey Chris. The emails kicked in ~May 2018 so you likely do not have one. The only way to regain access is with your Secret Recovery Key (the rest of the blockchain industry also calls this a “mnemonic seed phrase”) – it is 12 random words. I would look wherever you often store secret, private information, you might have placed it there. Hope that helps.


Thanks, Jeff. That explains why I couldn’t find an email. Unfortunately I never stored the 12 random words since I thought I’d always be able to login with username and password. I’ll just create a new account.