Can't change Instagram username in Blockstack ID


Hello, sorry, newbie here… :sweat:

When first editing my Blockstack profile I’d filled my Instagram profile to verify, but a couple of days after I’ve changed the Instagram username.

The issue here is that Blockstack keep storing the old username, and appears as unverified. No matter how many times I edit and verify the account. It always keep the old one… (It happens with my other profiles too).

Is this a general bug, or somehow all info once filled sticks forever in the Blockstack ID? Should I create other Blockstack ID?

Thank you




Now it works with last update.




Blockstack is a new internet for decentralized apps that you access through the Blockstack Browser. It helps to manage your data and maintain your privacy or security with freedom. You can be registered without filled username in block stack apps. Because the old version can not offer to change the username, but now latest version update with username change facility to handled data and privacy.