Cannot register for token sale! Please advise


I have been trying to register for the token sale and have not been successful getting through. I have one confirmed social account and keep getting the message “Oh no! Our servers are receiving too many requests right now. Please try again later.”

I tried all times of the day and still cannot get through. I also cleared my cache on the computer as well. Please help I would like to participate in the token sale.



I have the exact same problem. Please register me. Thanks.



I have resolved the issue. I used a regular PC and used the DevTools methods as outlined in the forum. Thanks


Can you say more about this? Are you talking about the threat that had to do with how to register without installing the browser? If so, I may be screwed as I am not a developer, I am a blockchainmama-in-training and development who is studying this new realm so I can turn the general public onto it and investing in it.

And, USV’s Albert Wenger or Fred wilson turned me onto this opportunity and I am hoping to get in to the original token sale.


Hi Carmen I just followed these instructions exactly: Guide: Register for Token Sale without installing Blockstack Browser