Cannot Load Apps in Blockstack Browser (Cannot Use Blockstack Currently At All)


The browser just continues the loading circle “Fetching apps”

I am on Elementary OS Juno
Essentially an Ubuntu Variant

I tried to install the local browser via pip, snap, and also through the methods provided via docker in the docs. After this attempt to install and eventually succeeding at installing the local browser, the issue loading apps began both in the local browser and the browser accessed at

Need some help here, thanks.
Here is what I get with the terminal - docker local browser.
Not sure if these warnings are related as it does launch the browser into blockstack but then is just stuck “fetching apps”


It basically means I am currently unable to use blockstack entirely despite having a registered id at


I might be wrong but can’t you use Blockstack without installing any desktop app? Pretty sure it supposed to work from Chrome regardless?


@novusa It looks like a problem with your network or maybe a temporary problem with blockstack apps api.

Maybe try to use a browser other than Chrome :wink: