Can we store files in the blockchain?


Hi @ucefkh

It’s probably easier for me to answer your questions here rather than during the meeting.

We previously had a browser/core storage driver that worked on s3 but changed our driver model in a way such that driver component sits behind a gaia hub and provides a consistent interface to clients for storage. This why that issue was never implemented

Blockchains aren’t for storing files. They definitely don’t offer unlimited space. Bitcoin’s OP_RETURN only allows for storage of 80 bytes of data per transaction. Blockchains are a very expensive and slow storage tool. Check out this video for more about misconceptions about blockchains:

2018-02-01 Engineering Meeting

Good reply. Thanks. And good video too. I mentioned this comment on YouTube: don’t outfits like BigChainDB and and others tout blockchain as great for distributed storage? I know that’s more than blockchain, but blockchain is a key ingredient.