Can I use Blockstack Gaia Storage without Blockstack Auth?

I am currently discovering Blockstack and I was wondering if I can use the Blockstack Gaia storage, but using a different authentication system and not Blockstack Auth with blockstack.js to access the users Gaia Storage location.

Thank you

You really only need a private key to interact with Gaia. What are you looking to create?

You could take a look at the following code on how to create a UserSession object using only a private key with BlockstackJS.

Ah, that’s handy thank you.

I have an alternative & necessary verification system for my application comprising 2FA authentication and other user information such as age/nationality/mobile num, to truly verify the user.

I guess I could use both the Blockstack Auth and then my 3rd party auth after, but I would not think the users would like that extra step.

What is the reason for the additional verification? KYC procedures? If you require server-side handling/authentication, then you can verify the JWT on the server or have the Blockstack user sign a message.

Yes, KYC procedures using the Civic Integration Portal, which provides a custom JWT token for each user authentication already.

Yeah I was thinking of doing exactly that already, but was just wondering if I there was another way to use Gaia without having the user to be registered on the Blockstack blockchain and just use Civic for signing into the application.

You could feed a private key to the Blockstack store and instantiate a UserSession to interact with Gaia that way, side-stepping the Blockstack authentication flow completely. (But if that private key is generated or seen by the server at any point, then using Gaia becomes a little pointless.)

Huh, I guess I will have to experiment with the different approaches you have suggested.

Thank you :slight_smile:

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