Can anyone tell me where to edit my profile.json after I've registered a username?


I’ve registered a blockstack free username, but I don’t know where to find my profile.json with regard to my free blockstack username.

BTW, how to configure my profile.json and use my own gaia hub as storage backend?

Can anyone answer my two questions? You are really appreciated!


You can edit your profile.json from the Blockstack browser ID page.

If you’re using the default Gaia hub, your profile.json file will be located at<Your Blockstack identity address>/profile.json


I see, I’m trying to run my own gaia hub, but it seems that I can’t disconnect from the default blockstack free storage, like the picture below.

I’ve followed the whole procedure in
and it passes all the test, but still, I do not know how to configure my own DAPP(like the to-do app that’s running in localhost) to use my own gaia hub storage.

Could you tell me how? Thank you very much.


BTW, how to create Blockstack identity address base on public key? or vice versa?