Callback is not fired with blockstack auth


Hello. I’m trying to build an auth with blockstack and running into issues. I have set the proper manifest file, deployed everything with ssl, proxied my manifest with cors, but still can’t get callback working properly. I’m stucking at signing in stage.


After this, it gets stucked forever. However, when i open other blockstack applications, the authentication flow works perfectly, and callback is called just after name resolution api call. What I have missed?

Just to mention, I’m not using redirectAndSignIn (because of buggy behaviour on my system). Instead, i’m constructing authRequest manually (through makeAuthRequest()) and set window.location to${authRequest}


Here is how my code looks like


Hey there, sorry for the issue.

Can you attach a javascript error you might see when you get stuck in that ‘hung’ state in the Browser?


Actually, nothing weird in the console. I have one failed fetch, but i’m not sure it its related to my issue. It seems like cloudflare issue or something like that (522). This error I see on other blockstack apps, where authorization is working fine.

Everything is stucked just after the blockstack name resolution (see timeline)

You can try by yourself, maybe you’ll spot the error


This is how networkflow looks like on other blockstack apps (where auth working fine)


This breaks sign in on my machine (I have the native browser installed and don’t use

Can you open a bug on the blockstack.js issue tracker about the issues you’re having with redirectAndSignIn so that we can help you out with and/or fix the problem you’re running into?