Browser Wallet Balance Shows 0 BTC On Mobile


I recently restored my Blockstack ID from my recovery key on two different mobile devices. Everything seems :+1:except that my wallet balance is showing 0 BTC when it should have a small balance in there. Also of interest is that the balance that does appear on my MacBook doesn’t appear to be accurate: .

Please see some screenshots below. (I couldn’t attach more than one image in a post as a newbie here, so I just put them all in one).

Image 1: Brave Browser on macOS Mojave
Image 2: Brave Browser on Android 9
Image 3: Safari Browser on iOS 12.1

I haven’t attempted to move any funds around yet, but happy to try if that helps troubleshoot the issue.

Any ideas? Thanks!


Interesting bug catch Layton. Thx for letting us know. Would you please throw these same details into an issue here:



No problem @jeffd — just added it here: