Blockstack withdraw always results in "Invalid arguments. Please try again."


I’ve got some extra BTC I’m trying to withdraw and send to my Coinbase wallet, but I can’t seem to figure out the appropriate arguments for the CLI.

Blockstack cli version upgraded from

My Coinbase wallet address is 1DLUGhB6zodbkeAQoD1rR3E11gNNsnSYMe

However, this doesn’t appear to be acceptable. All of the other arguments are marked as optional, so I assume I can leave them blank.

Here’s the output of what I see when trying:

$ blockstack withdraw

Interactive prompt engaged.  Press Ctrl+C to quit
Help for "withdraw": Transfer funds out of the Blockstack wallet to a new address
Arguments: withdraw address [amount] [message] [min_confs] [tx_only] [payment_key]

required: The recipient address ("address"): 1DLUGhB6zodbkeAQoD1rR3E11gNNsnSYMe
optional: The amount to withdraw (defaults to all) ("amount"): 
optional: A message to include with the payment (up to 40 bytes) ("message"): 
optional: The minimum confirmations for oustanding transactions ("min_confs"): 
optional: If "True", only return the transaction ("tx_only"): 
optional: Payers private key string ("payment_key"): 
Invalid arguments.  Please try again.

What am I missing? Thanks


Figured it out - Passing the arguments directly to the command works, but there’s something wrong with the interactive prompt which always results in an invalid argument error.

blockstack withdraw 1DLUGhB6zodbkeAQoD1rR3E11gNNsnSYMe


Thanks for posting this @jpuck

I was running into the same problem but then figured it out after reading your comment. I appreciate it!