Blockstack token voucher offer


Hi Blockstack Team,
On Thursday I was sent a invitation to claim a Blockstack voucher for $3000 at $0.12 per token. At the time I wasn’t sure if this email was fraud and because of my commitments to my co-op placement I work during the days during this term as well as take online classes when I am not working. On this particular week I had two finance assignments due on Friday night. To have the email sent out on a Thursday afternoon I had no way of having enough time to do the necessary due diligence to verify if this was a fraud/scam email. By sending the email out with less than 48 hours to claim the voucher and the sense of urgency it makes it seem likely that this is phishing/fraudulent activity as these are tactics used by phishers and not what you would expect from professional entities such as Blockstack. At this point what can I do about receiving a voucher? I have put in work to do all the necessary research, I downloaded the browser and signed up for the token sale but this all happened too quickly during Thursday/Friday when I was doing my assignments. How come there wasn’t more time? Shouldn’t this email have been sent out Monday?


David I agree with you. The scam site got me. I got an email looking like blockstack sent, to goto What a nightmare.