Blockstack Team Weekly Updates - Week 7 (Feb 11-Feb 17)


Wins of the week:

  • We published Midmonth newsletter.
  • February App Mining paid out. There were 54 apps in the running. Snippet of the top 13 can be found here
  • Virtual Zero to Dapp Workshop sold out!
  • Jude Nelson conducted a workshop, spoke at the Open Source Expo Sat. morning and had a table at Stanford University’s TreeHacks hackathon, 1254 students took part in the hackathon. Check out the 1st place Blockstack winner, and runner up.

Last week updates:

  • App Mining
    • PAID OUT: app mining for February! There were 54 apps in the running. Snippet of the top 13 can be found here.
    • 56 Apps fully registered for March
    • Onboard more investors on the voting platform
    • Synced with Democracy Earth on UX
    • Met potential review partners
  • Developer Platform
    • Browser, iOS and Android PR reviews
    • Built a real-time streaming system into the Radiks framework
    • We shipped blockstack.js v18.3 and Browser v0.35.4: these should dramatically improve the sign in process for applications
    • Increased automatic end to end testing of the browser and blockstack.js authentication flow. These are now integrated with Github PRs, and should improve the quality control of our releases substantially. Building out our E2E test suite, tests for auth-browser have been merged and integrated with GitHub PRs.
  • Awareness
    • Continued outreach to events and hackathons regarding JS developers and Indie Hackers.
    • TreeHacks hackathon (see updates in in Wins of the week)
  • Improve consumer UX
    • Reviewed all the Lisk research and wrote out some suggested next steps
    • Opened discussions on forum re browser passwords and profile metadata collections
    • Reviewed improvements to apps listed on Browser homepage
    • Reviewed Lisk user testing results with Jeff for consideration of seed-based authentication flows
    • Implemented feedback changes to the browser homepage to display up-to-date apps from api
  • Open-source engagement
    • Continued works on Gaia docs: procedure testing, Gaia admin documentation, sample app development, entering review comments
    • Provided developer materials to Ethereum Blockstack meetup
  • Hiring:
    • Open positions here
    • Finalized partnerships with Jopwell and Hire Tech Ladies