Blockstack Team Weekly Updates 12/3-12/7


Here are some of the things Blockstack PBC team members worked on last week:


  • Leadership team met for all day brainstorming session on Wednesday. They discussed a Blockstack Thesis document.


  • We just had a successful security review of the Wallet


  • We just had a developer, Matthew Little start working at Blockstack PBC. He will be working on Gaia.


  • iOS React native module: Lots of progress, just about on par with Android. Switching to Swift instead of Objective-C.


  • We’re working on Browser update that will support user-specified Gaia hubs. All the functionality is there, and now we’re just doing bug fixes and UX improvements. Follow here.

Blockstack Core

  • Early ECVRF implementation in Rust
  • Merged SIP 002 to develop


  • Casper Review published from Muneeb’s Medium. Picked up by MIT Media &


  • Talking to Dan Jeffries of Hacker Noon about future podcast ideas
  • Distribution for Zero to Dapp: via slack, reddit, Youtube, discord channels, and paid ads on Reddit
  • Xan did Podcast with

App Mining

  • App Mining roadmap started by Jeff
  • Opened and cleared many tickets on New App Mining page and registration materials
  • App mining landing page work, nearly ready for release this week


  • Ken did Blockstack Presentation for Barcelona JS Coding school

Ops and Misc

  • Jeff started a brief for a project for visual rebrand of ecosystem
  • Onboarded 2 new team members


  • Current positions we are hiring for are here. High priority to Head of Open Source, UI Engineer, Designer, and Product Marketer.
  • Updated careers copy on AngelList, PowerToFly, emailed KeyValues, set up an account with POCIT


  • Updates to zero to dapp with requirements
  • New update to create ids based on onboarding changess
  • Released FAQs on docs
  • Engineering meeting transcript production