Blockstack Storage Performance


I’m working on a decentralized git-hosting solution.

After looking into Gaia, I wonder if the network has any way of ensuring the persistence of data and performance of each node. If anyone in the community has used Gaia, I’d like to learn about your experience with regards to its performance.


Hey @haeli05, I’m building on top of gaia. The persistence and performance of reads generally follows the backend storage that the user choses; S3, dropbox, azure etc as the ‘readurl’ generally points directly to the backend storage solution. Writes go via the gaia hub which talks to the backend storage. Since the idea is that users either host their own gaia hub or share a hosted/managed hub the app developer has little control over concerns such as 2nd level caching.

Hope this helps…

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Hey, that’s very helpful. Thanks! Did u have to set up a new Gaia instance? Our existing stack is running on an EC2, can we just make some modifications/scripts to integrate it into Gaia?

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It’s a little more involved - check out

Your app data is actually user data - the users bring their own storage! :grinning:

In general the user hosts a nodejs app somewhere and then sets the url to this in their blockstack settings http://localhost:8888/account/api. Your app then has access to its own slot at that location.

I imagine there will be developments coming along soon such as automating deployment and management of hubs e.g. via heroku as well as shared/managed hosting solutions.

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Thanks for the link! It’s exactly what I need.


Thanks! I find it very useful



Sorry for the late reply. In short, yes we are working on making gaia hub hosting more user friendly and developer friendly. You mentioned you are already developing in an amazon based environment: we recently deployed this to help developers looking to store gaia hubs for their app users.

As you may have seen, Blockstack pbc by default option hosts gaia hubs for friendly onboarding to accomodate everyone, not just advanced users, while we work towards more user friendly gaia hosting options and support developers and third party gaia hub hosters, to move toward the decentralisation of gaia hubs.

We presume some future competition around performance metrics in this regard as the decentralization of gaia hub hosting solutions evolves, but we also realize we may need some standardization/calibration metrics for when users gaia hubs are performing slowly. Working on tools to crawl this data for all user gaia hubs to help provide calibrated metrics for performance improvement potentials, while protecting the users anonymity, is also a long term project for us that is active.

Let me get back to you on gaia hub performance metrics as they stand now for the ones we host, and any other api related limitations around this, and let us know if you have feedback on the gaia hub docs, for hosting your own gaia hubs.