Blockstack Over Tor - Annoying Logins


Hi Everyone, I’ve been testing blockstack via the Tor Browser Bundle. I’ve been using the blockstack web app. It seems to work well actually, but it is extremely annoying because every time I close the browser I get logged out (as it should), and to log back in I have to enter my username, my password, the magic token, and my email address. Does anyone have a solution so I don’t have to enter as much content? Maybe the password, email, and username could be appended to the magic token so a single copy and paste can load everything up?


Neither the password nor the email are stored, ever. You can use a new password or enter a new email every time you restore your account – only the Recovery Phrase is what is consistent and required to unlock your account.

Unfortunately this makes it a little hard, but maybe one day there will be a better browser or extension that keeps things client side instead of in a cookie/local storage, shrug.