Work in progress update for We’ve been rethinking it specifically for new developers who are considering building on Blockstack. We did a couple rounds of user testing already with new-ish members of the community.

We consider this a success if new engineers:

  1. View tutorials and/or view example projects and start working with code.
  2. Understand what blockstack is and why they should build on Blockstack vs. Firebase/Other dapp platforms
  3. Understand community is strong and engage in some way: Forum, events, open PR, etc.
  4. Perceive as: open source, community driven, and technically rigorous.
  5. Join mailing list.
  6. Motivated to build on Blockstack by funding opportunities.

Why did we pick those specific dapps to showcase? They are open source. This is a site for engineers, they want to see repos.

Feedback welcome. We haven’t started building this yet, but will soon. Many evangelists and community members have helped me on this. Thanks so much! :pray:

↓ Click on the screen below and you can view the entire page top to bottom


Looks great!
I was wondering about the hierarchy of the information.

On first sight… from the perspective of a first time visitor… the most relevant information is the “Why build on Blockstack” part.
(The head to head comparison with Firebase is great :muscle:.)
The tutorials and example apps would follow.

I guess I would not click into a tutorial, if I haven’t understood yet on a fundamental level what kind of benefits the platform provides…
the statement in the headline that it’s “easy” and that it is a dApp would be not enough yet…

… anyways… maybe it’s just me… or do you assume that users have already a basic knowledge about Blockstack when they get to this site?


I interviewed 5 new developers as part of the kickoff for this project. 5/5 mentioned that they learned about Blockstack in via channels (reddit, blog roll, personal recommendation, etc) and decided to learn more. They all said “By the time I’m on your website, I already know what the project is, why it is valuable, and I’m ready to start coding.”


Looks awesome! Very clean and layout is clear.