Release Planning


We are working on a new version of and we might need to do partial releases of the new site while also delivering older pages with the previous repo. Ideally the new site could be released with all of the content, but we are not sure that will happen. The new website is in this feature branch ->

Things we need to do:

  • determine pages that will be served with the new website
  • determine pages that will need to be served with the legacy website
  • determine if we are going to deprecate any of the legacy pages
  • determine how we want to serve them (node server, nginx, etc), does netlify have something built in to account for this use case?

cc @yukan @jeffd @larry


Netlify doesn’t have anything built in as far as I’m aware.

If the new pages are all in a directory (/docs), for example, we could probably take care of this with a build script that builds the old site and then builds the new site with the --prefix-paths option set to the directory name.