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We’re doing some landing page re-design and messaging, particularly for new engineers. Describing what Blockstack is and why you should care, without a stream of buzzwords is pretty challenging. Any tweet length ideas on how to summarize?

We started some discussion on Slack, moving some ideas here and hoping to get more. Thx!

The next generation platform for a new Internet

Blockstack is a way to decouple the data from the application, which makes YOU the only owner of that data

Blockstack is the new internet for decentralized applications which fix many problems of the old internet such as something something… when the internet becomes more decentralized, our world will transform… Blockstack is a hope for humanity.

Blockstack is a platform that allows engineers to build applications with decentralized, blockchain-based identity and storage

Why you should care: Using blockstack makes building secure user facing applications simpler for developers — using blockstack identity and storage means that devs don’t have to worry about getting the security right on things like passwords and user data in databases, nor set up the infrastructure to scale their app, as users bring their own resources to the app as usage grows.

Blockstack is the easiest way to get involved with building decentralized/blockchain-based applications, all APIs are in the familar JavaScript, so you can focus on building quality product, UI/UX and abstract the complexity of managing user data etc away


Blockstack is a decentralized app ecosystem where users own and control their data. Blockstack’s platform helps entrepreneurs and engineers build these apps and deliver better end-user experiences


A peer-to-peer hypermedia protocol to make the web faster, safer, and more open [ipfs current landing page]


Blockstack is a new decentralized internet where users own their data and apps run locally. Take back control over your digital life. A browser is all you need to get started.


I’d like to also throw in #253 and #535 for reference (already some suggestions etc there).


Blockstack is a new internet. A new internet that is more powerful yet simpler to use. A new internet that gives you control over fundamental things: identity, data, privacy and security. How is Blockstack more powerful and simpler to use while giving me control? Well, right out of the box, Blockstack lets you: •Control your Identity •Own your Data •Share your Data •Keep your data Private •Secure your data with Encryption Blockstack is a new internet that provides you a window into a new world of applications that you control and are decentralized. Blockstack makes the internet you use better. Come and join us on the journey into the new decentralized internet The Blockstack Way™. Get started with Blockstack by using the Blockstack Browser.


Thanks for moving the above jeffd - we just got up and running on the Forum.