Blockstack + Flutter?

I am interested in developing a Dapp using flutter. I noticed this Github was referenced in another post:

but it seems the same post says the contents are only proof of concept.

Is anyone able to provide information on how I could go about implementing Blockstack into a Flutter application? I would also use Radiks.

The main challenge is the cryptography. It looks like there is a good effort now to build a package in dart that could be used by blockstack: The rest is mainly combining calls and UI… and then keep up to date with blockstack.js

Could you elaborate? I don’t understand the necessary components needed to get something like this to work.

So I would just use the Dart Bitcoin github as a reference for a Dart Blockstack package? Then inject Blockstack.js into flutter or would I need to write a version of Blockstack.js for Flutter?

Also, Do I need to fully understand all of the BlockStack code to achieve my goal?

Injecting javascript does not work in flutter, does it?

To build the blockstack dart package you need to understand the code, yes

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