Blockstack Explorer Timestamp and Transaction Issues


This address the time stamp for the transactions is completely wrong, saying Fri Sep 13 2019 22:56:55 GMT-0500 (CDT) and we aren’t even there yet.

Also, when I click on the transaction I don’t see anything working at all


There is an open issue for the explorer:
…with no conclusive answer yet.


Thanks friedger. Who is responsible to fix it?


Blockstack PBC for sure :slight_smile: (maybe @hank or @aaron)

The more the community voices their interest the higher the priority will be I guess. Everybody is invited to send pull requests :construction_worker_woman:


Pull requests really? This is an important issue that needs to be fixed. The explorer is essential for many things especially once Clarity is here in order for defi to work. Blockstack needs more engineering power for sure