Blockstack Discourages Anonimity?


He guys,

I am a new person to the platform and want to use it because I value my privacy. However I also like to remain anonymous online.

I noticed there was no setting to just use Blockstack anonymously.

That must be on purpose right?

I just want to use the blockstack apps on an anonymous id/account and I would appreciate a check box “want to remain anonymous”

Maybe add an extra status…

  • verified

Or does this defeat the purpose of Blockstack?

Please inform if Blockstack isn’t for me…


You just don’t verify your social proof and in that case nobody is the wiser as long as you pick a new unrelated username. You could use a password generator to generate a random username and a generate a fresh local BTC address or just use the BTC address the free service is currently providing (free ids won’t be available in the future, is just a current promotion for now AFAIK).