Blockstack Android API - is there a method to get an application's public key?


While working with the Blockstack Android API, I’m not seeing a way to get an application’s public key. The UserData object returned during auth contains the application’s private key so I’m assuming we want to use the regular Blockstack API’s getPublicKeyFromPrivate method, but I’m not seeing that exposed in Kotlin.

(Added an issue to the blockstack-android github:


We’re not yet to feature parity on Android compared to blockstack.js. Having said that, the getPublicKeyFromPrivate method isn’t part of our public api on blockstack.js.

Happy to consider including it as part of a public api in both JavaScript and Android. Want to open a feature request github issue?


I’ll add a feature request and outline some related problems in git as you suggest.



Awesome! Thank you very much!