Blockstack Airdrop Referral Reward Rule - Fair or Not


Blockstack BTC Airdrop Project Referal Reward Fair Legitimacy :
If person “A” - BOB Did blockstack BTC airdrop and refer 10 (Ten) friends ,
One friend from Ten (10) did something wrong ( Register two times Accidentally or broke any rule sometimes without even knowing about it )
The “A” BOB Did not Get any Reward for another Nine (9) who Did everything Great ?
He Dont get anything ?!

What About Fair and Legitimacy?!


Hi there, please send your issue to and we can help you from there. Thanks!

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Hello, unfortunately, I sent already the indicated question before I wrote it here.
We had a long conversation by email ,
and just because of a few of my referrals (who cheated or did something wrong), I don’t even know what they did. -

I didn’t get dime !!!
So I had 26 referrals, but due to a few I got nothing. Zero! 0

it’s hard to be responsible for each referral, they can break the rules even without knowing it.

Why not just pay your members for referrals that are okay ?!

So my number was reset and referrals too

I have 0 referrals and should start once again, but if someone cheat i will get zero again!

Thank you for your try!


Thanks again for writing us, as I extensively covered by email, we can’t allow fraudulent registrations through - most of your referrals didn’t even register a phone number (a loophole that was since closed). We’ve done a lot of work on the frontend to minimize these now, the chances your link will receive fraudulent registrations again is very low.

We also went to great lengths to clear your number so that you could continue participating in spite of the previous fraud. We think this is a fair compromise and one you accepted heartily via email. If you have further questions, you can get in touch again on the same ticket.