Bitcoin cash for token sale



Will you accept Bitcoin cash for your token sale or will it only be Bitcoin core?


I vote Nah for Bcash.


I vote ‘Yah’ for Bitcoin Cash. Lower fees!


This raises the question for me, why is it that only Bitcoin and Ethereum are the primary methods of payment? What is the distinguishing factor determining that? I’d lean towards using Bitcoin. My reasoning is it’s the cryptocurrency that most people would have easier access to. Seems most aren’t comfortable with the altcoin exchanges in order to purchase Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, etc. I’ve been reading that a BTC hard fork is expected 12/28/17, Segwit2x, that is said to reduce the fees for Bitcoin and improve the performance…


Bitcoin and bitcoin cash aren’t the only ones, I vote for ETH.


Isn’t the sale over?


I vote Bcash. it’s good.