Bitcoin and Stacks Blockchains


Hi there,

It is my understanding after (quickly) going through docs/faq that currently metadata are anchored on the Bitcoin blockchain… but in the new version they will be stored in Stacks Blockchain which is under development.

Is the above correct and if not can someone clarify the current state and the roadmap ahead?

If the above change takes place how compatible will it be for those that build on the existing platform?

Thanks and apologies in advance if I misunderstood.

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That’s (mostly) correct. The name and token state that gets written to Bitcoin today will be written to a smart contract on the Stacks chain when it goes live. Off-chain name state will still exist and be propagated via Atlas, and will still be register-able via the subdomain registrar.

The existing APIs won’t change – the RESTful API in Blockstack Core today will be implemented by the Stacks blockchain as well.


Thank you for the reply!

The API abstraction makes sense. What will happen to the metadata that are already anchored to Bitcoin? Will they be migrated… or would the new system have a way to consult them where they currently reside (i.e. Bitcoin’s blockchain) ?

Where can I find more information about Stacks blockchain? I understand that more functionality can be added by a dedicated blockchain but not many blockchains can provide the same security guarantees as Bitcoin’s blockchain.

Again, thank you for your time.


The off-chain name state will continue to work as-is. The logic for processing off-chain name operations will remain the same, since it’s a public interface that’s undergoing standardization with the Decentralized Identity Foundation.

The develop branch of Blockstack Core, as well as any PRs against it. Specifically, look at the sip directory – it contains all the Stacks Improvement Proposals.


I was aware of DIF but I will need to look into it further.

I wasn’t actually asking about the off-chain data but for the data that are already on Bitcoin’s blockchain. I assume they will be migrated to the contract?

Thank you for the resources on Stacks blockchain. There isn’t a lot of (high-level) information though. Should I consider the v1.1 blockstack whitepaper to be the base and the sips just extensions? Is there a new whitepaper coming out?

And finally, is there a roadmap that I can consult? When is the Stacks blockchain expected to run in production?


Yes – all state on Bitcoin will be migrated to the BNS smart contract.

There will be a new whitepaper in the coming weeks. The SIP documents are admittedly low-level, and comparable to Bitcoin’s BIPs.

Quarterly roadmap is here: