🔥 Big list of app ideas


That’s heartwarming. Reminds me of the eat web days. I’ll follow your suggestions.


We already start this as “Ourtopia”.


One-liner: AssetzChain - personal assets (depreciating, non-financial) on blockchain.

Number of assets an individual owns have increased and there is no single location to store the entire log of these assets with ownership proofs (bills / invoices) and maintenance records (guarantee certificates, service guy number etc).
Since this ownership and history of maintenance records aren’t stored securely in an immutable way, we rely on third parties like Olx / Quikr to establish trust when we try to sell in the second hand market places and we pay a Cost of 15-20% for each transaction for this trust establishers.

Market size:

  • 650 Billion USD - Used Goods Marketplace / Second hand market place


  1. Once I buy a product, I scan the invoice & wanrrant / guarantee cards. [OCR]
  2. Asset is tagged to me and written on blockchain (ethereum / bitcoin) [Blockstack / Solidity]
  3. Any maintenance activies I perform on the asset is logged as well. [Incentives like notifications about insurance / equivalent tokens can be worked out]
  4. Once am done with my asset I can sell it in a p2p way since the asset ownership history + maintenance records are on blockchain. Initially, to gain traction we might have to use RPA (Robotic Process Automation) to cross post ads on existing “centralised” second hand marketplaces.

Anyone interested in working on this can reach out to me.