Beware of scam / Fake Blockstack ICO website


Was looking for ICO news and found this :

Be careful guys.


I got taken in the ICO with this. Mind your p’s & q’s folks!


I’m such a shmuck. I fell for this. Luckily it was only 0.5 ETH… but I still feel like an idiot. Everyone… please learn from my mistake.

I was really excited about the token sale and still didn’t receive my voucher after waiting forever as a non-accredited investor. Slightly shocked to see it available online, I quickly rushed to purchase something.


P.S. I’m an idiot :smile:


Sorry to hear. Frankly I think a warning should be placed on any public facing blockstack sites during the ICO period, I was pretty miffed at Status when a phishing scam got me - if they had provided clear warning I would have been way more careful. It’s good for users, community and company if they can stem the tide of phishing scams. Could just be a banner or something. my .02.


Behold! Blockstack is way ahead of me. Check out how they foiled Phishers… good job guys!


I think blockstack should have sent me an email saying dont open an email for The email makes it look like its coming from you guys. You needed to do more on your token site to detail this scam.


they didnt counter nothing. This ticks me off


They definitely need a big warning on page! A twitter notification was no where near sufficient. Every .id has an email address, why didn’t I get notified a week ago about this kind of nigthmare? The email that is sent looks like it comes from blockstack.


Agree more can be done. I lost my first ICO investment to phishers on, check out the lengths they go to now on educating their visitors. wow. If all the wallets, exchanges and ICOs etc would do this the world would be a better place.


Thanks for the warning


Gilliam can you explain what happened to you with ICO investment on I just bought SRN and I’m paranoid as hell now. Thanks


So at the start of the ICO I was touring a facility and at the same time walking around w my laptop trying to get in so I could buy in. Was too distracted and hit a phishing link somehow and “got in”. Was a good but expensive lesson.