Balance shows in but not showing in blockstack-cli


I am trying to register namespace with blockstack-cli but i have one issue about when i am collecting stacks through testnet it shows in dashboard but not updated in cli yet.

[email protected]:~$ blockstack-cli -t balance mxrfphCP9EhMgmVi2iZkPN1rhrprdkAnFR
  "BTC": "530583000"

[email protected]:~$ blockstack-cli -t namespace_preorder aladinnetwork mxrfphCP9EhMgmVi2iZkPN1rhrprdkAnFR $PAYMENT 
  "status": false,
  "error": "Namespace cannot be safely preordered",
  "isNamespaceValid": true,
  "isNamespaceAvailable": true,
  "paymentBalanceBTC": 530583000,
  "paymentBalanceStacks": "0",
  "namespaceCostUnits": "STACKS",
  "namespaceCostAmount": "640000000",
  "estimateCostBTC": 31523000


When i run this : blockstack-cli -t balance mw1eupfY8TcbhRoTBso1pUiMjM37F61Z8W

Here’s the output that i am getting : FetchError: request to failed, reason: connect ETIMEDOUT

Not sure if our issues are common ?


You have to buy namespaces in STX, not BTC. Notice that your STX balance is 0.


@AkshitV I’m seeing a balance for that address. If your requests are timing out, it’s probably a network error on your end.


Yes in CLI my STX balance is 0 but in it shows balance.
What could be the possible solutions ?
Please view my attached screenshot.


It’s showing a balance for me on the CLI. You need to wait a few minutes for the STX transfer to happen and get confirmed.


Yes My STX are confirmed and able to show it in But can’t use with CLI.
Can you please copy your command’s result or share a screenshot of result ?
please also specify the version blockstack-cli you are using.


Jude, not a network error from my end, i can make keychain,
but cant do any other operation, its showing the above mentioned error everytime.
Even when i am making a new BNS Name