Arctus wallet: how to retrieve BTC



I have few BTC & ETH in my arctus wallet. I know my private key :slight_smile:
However not able to access and it is down now.

So how to retrieve BTC from arctus wallet. I want it to transfer to my Lightning wallet.



I also noticed it is no longer listed in the ¨Home¨ tab,…what happened to this wallet? they can´t disappear like that?


Same with
People are holding their Crypto assets in these wallet (at least me). They should have informed before bringing service down, so I could have moved my cryptos.
But there was no communication from developer or team and now I am kinda not sure how to retrieve my crypto back.

This is big issue. Needs to be escalated to developers & team.


It seems the DNS name was not renewed or something akin to that.

While I just updated Mercurius to be able to list files from a specific app not listed, it seems it already looks for the Arctus wallet files – try signing in and looking inside its folder, the private keys should be in one of those files if they used Blockstack correctly (I know Dappy wallet works this way at least).

To transfer money out of it, try using a different wallet app, add the wallet using the private keys, and make the transactions from there, or, just keep using the wallet itself instead. Up to you.

As for it being escalated to Blockstack devs, they can do nothing about it except give you more control over your data, which is a giant hole that I made Mercurius to fill. While it still can’t know “all” of your data, it’s better than nothing, and a lot easier to use then setting up your own Gaia Hub & migrating your identity over to that.