App file explorer for gaia


I am contemplating about how to best present files of an app stored on gaia.

It is nice to have a file explorer in the blockstack browser, but the blockstack browser does little know about the meaning of the files.

For my OI Timesheet app, I come up with a more structured way, where the user can relate to the projects she is working on, where shared copies are marked as duplicates of the same file (will have a timestamp in the future).

What is best practise for multi-read users, what is good wording all apps should use.

I am also asking this in view of GDPR where app publisher should enable to export and delete personal data.

Maybe there should be even an API in blockstack.js:

  • userSession.deleteFiles - all files are deleted, can also help developers to test onboarding :slight_smile:
  • userSession.exportFiles - creates a zip file with all files, has an option to export encrypted or unencrypted. Encrypted files for other users are always exported in the original form.