Announcing the blockstack.js 18.1.0 release


I’m excited to announce the blockstack.js v18.1.0 release. This backwards compatible point release adds a few exciting features:

  • Support for listing files in a user’s gaia hub
  • Functionality for generating Blockstack wallets
  • Support for Stacks transactions
  • Ability to specify the content type of unencrypted files.

For full details on new features and bug fixes, read the ChangeLog!

Thanks to @muneebm and the rest of the Blockstack team that contributed changes to this release.

blockstack.js v18.1.0 is available now on NPM and GitHub

Weekly Updates 10.22-10.26, 2018

This is awesome! Thanks, Larry!

Do you have an example of the listFiles callback? I just tested it and can only get what seems to be the first file path in my gaia hub (I think?).

listFiles((files) => {


You’ll want to do this:

listFiles((files) => {
 return true;