Announcing Blockstack Android SDK v0.3.0


I’m happy to announced a new pre-release v0.3.0 of our Blockstack Android SDK. We are still in the process of working toward feature parity with our reference blockstack.js library - this release is a big step in that direction! Thanks to @friedger for all of his help on this!

Changes in this release


  • A BlockstackConfig object to make it easier to use across several activities. Thanks
    to @friedger.
  • BlockstackSession.encryptContent, BlockstackSession.decryptContent methods
  • BlockstackSession.lookupProfile method which allows lookup of the profile of an arbitrary user
  • UserData.Profile object that contains avatar image and email as well
  • Result<T> object that can have a value of type T or errors, used for callbacks


  • Fixed a bug where loadUserData would throw an exception if the user is not logged in.
    Thanks to @friedger.
  • Updated blockstack.js to v18.0.0
  • Renamed UserData.did to UserData.decentralizedID
  • All method callbacks (except isUserSignedIn, lookupProfile) now take a Result<T> object as parameter.

You can see issues that were included in this release here:

Our next release will be v0.4.0 and is scheduled for approximately 2 weeks from now.

As always, we love to hear your feedback, github issues and to try out the apps you’ve built with this SDK!


Great @larry and we will try using latest SDK.