Ask questions about App development with Blockstack, announce your new DApp, request feedback a new DApp development. For issues, please refer to the appropriate repo on our GitHub.


General questions and discussions about Blockstack also news, meetups, and latest release announcements. To meet and discuss in person, see our list of community events.


Specific questions coming from support. You can submit asupport request to our Zendesk site.


Post our weekly our Engineering meeting, we agreed to streamline communication channels for release announcements, to make it easier for developers and users to stay up to date on releases for all of the products we support.


Discussion about the Blockstack Browser web or local application. If you want to report an issue, propose a feature, or contribute to the Browser, see the browser repository on Github.

Core Blockchain

Discussion related to the core Blockchain API. Have a bug report, feature requests, or want to contribute? please post an issue in the Core repository in Github.


Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.